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$299.00 per room


This option is for you if:

  • you have a new space, want to completely redecorate an existing space or would like to incorporate existing elements into a new design
  • you would like help with colour selection, room layout, finishes, furnishings and accessories
  • you would like a complete design to simply implement into your space


$99.00 per room


This option is for you if:

  • you have or have decided on most of the elements in your space
  • you would like help with wall colour selection, as well as ways to make the colour work well with your existing design elements
  • you need help choosing colour to finish off the space



You complete the design questionnaire.


Our clients are people who have always done their own decorating, and are feeling frustrated with the results, new home owners who are just getting a feel for their style, or simply very busy people who do not have time to evaluate which choices would work best for them. Often clients are about to, or have just made, some major furniture purchases and their home is feeling disconnected (room-to-room). Sometimes clients have a particularly challenging space, or they have had a life change and are looking for a fresh start.


A short online questionnaire will allow us to get to know you and your home better, and help us to understand the changes you are looking for.


We ask things like…   Where is your home (city,country,suburb)?

What is the architecture like? Which direction does the space face?

What are your favourite colors? What style of decor do you prefer?



We determine a design direction.


Along with the design questionnaire we encourage clients to include any photos/links of spaces they like, along with photos of their own space. This allows us to gain a basic understanding of your home, your style preferences, and your design goals.


Now we can work on determining a design direction. During this phase we will be emailing back and forth a few times, with us asking more specific questions and providing you with a collection of images – “inspiration rooms” if you will. Quite often, the original vision gets tweaked here, as we get a true sense of what makes your heart skip a beat!



Putting it all together.


Now that we know where you you need/want to go with this space, we make selections…


This is where the four main factors come into play:

  • the space itself – size, light, orientation, etc..
  • the purpose of the space – time of day use, relaxation vs stimulation, etc..
  • your lifestyle – a retreat vs an entertaining space, formal vs relaxed, etc
  • your preferences –  colours, fabrics, furnishings, etc


If you have chosen a Color Consultation, we select your perfect palette and specify paint choices in your preferred brand.

If you have chosen a Design Consultation, we select your colour, then complete the design with layout, furnishings, finishes, and accessories.



The finish.


Your space is transformed!


Once you receive your colour specifications, and your floor plans and design boards for a Design Consultation, you have the tools to begin implementing your transformation.


As a bonus we include one revision at no fee, so if you feel that one element isn’t perfect, just let us know and we would be happy to provide alternative choices for your consideration.


In terms of timeline, we can work on your space at a pace that is convenient for you. That means no appointments to keep and open communication – we work around your schedule and budget. The design can be implemented all at once or in stages, depending on your budget. Additionally, once we have gotten to know you, your style, and your home, we can work on additional spaces at your convenience. This ensures the style of your home is cohesive, and each space will flow well into the other.


The best part about every consultation is reaching that point at which the client stops feeling frustrated about their home and begins to get excited about the potential their home has.


Still have questions? Contact us. If you are ready to make some changes to your space, let’s get started!