Pantone Colors 2015 – Why Pastels?

It took some time to really filter through, but pastels are officially back, people!


The Pantone Colors of the year are important because they gauge the temperature of the design world, but also because they look at what is happening in the world around us, and reflect a color that fulfills our needs at the time.


Pastels, by nature, are pure. They are a pigment mixed with white, what we call a “tint” in design-speak. As such, they bring with them a sense of calm, of purity and innocence. See what I mean about filling a need? As we witness world events, a respite from chaos and the darker side of human nature would be welcome.


The two colors Pantone has named are Rose Quartz and Serenity. On the Pantone site they discuss why two colors were chosen for the first time, which is the relationship between these two.


Chambray and pale blues were huge in fashion the last year, and continue to be so, and pink is reigning supreme for the spring collections, so seeing the colors reinforced by Pantone is not surprising, but pairing the two together is interesting.


While we have seen pastels worked into interiors more recently, they are usually balanced by plenty of white, grey or black. A client of mine in Scotland a few years ago requested pastels, and we paired them with soft greys through her home. Pairing warm and cool pastels together is something generally reserved for casual spaces (cottages, etc) or in children’s rooms. Using both in one space brings a playfulness, a certain joie de vivre, that has been decidedly lacking the past few years.


I, for one, am ready! You?


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